About Us

Welcome to Miokii Shop! ♡
We are a store based in the United States that specializes in selling authentic anime goods imported from Japan! We stock both new & used goods, as well as rare and hard to find items. We have been fans of anime & cute goods for many years, and we are so happy to share our passion with you!  ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶
Mio is a sweet-natured girl with a sunny disposition. Her hair is a peachy pink color, reminiscent of sakura petals. She often wears a barrette in her hair, a white blouse, a pink cardigan, pink flats, and a pink plaid skirt. She enjoys riding her bike, sewing, and reading manga. She loves collecting plushies and can badges, especially any that are heart-shaped. 
Kii is a moody boy with lilac-colored hair and blue eyes. He is often seen wearing faded jeans, a white tank top, and his favorite gray hoodie, which was a gift from Mio. He enjoys reading, drawing, and singing (his voice is quite good, but Kii is shy, so he refuses to sign in front of an audience). His collection consists mainly of Nendoroid figures, but he can't say no an acrylic charm of his favorite characters.